Eat Baby, Healthy
Eat Baby, Healthy

Eat Baby, Healthy

By Dr. John Hutton, Illustrated by Leah Busch


Love Baby Healthy


14 Pages, 5.5 x 5.5

Formats: Board Book

Board Book, $7.99 (US $7.99) (CA $9.99)

Publication Date: April 2015

ISBN 9781936669301

Price: $7.99
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We share good things for nine months long, so I meet you healthy and strong. Feed me after I am born, skin to skin, safe and warm . . .  Written by a pediatrician, Eat Baby, Healthy is a soft, rhyming story from a baby's point of view that celebrates the health and emotional benefits of prenatal nutrition and breastfeeding. This is the third book in a groundbreaking series, including the bestselling Sleep Baby, Safe and Snug and Calm Baby, Gently, dedicated to sharing health guidance for parents of infants through children's books, while promoting shared reading and togetherness.


"This is a must read for all expecting moms, grandmothers, fathers, siblings, and other family members to learn about the far-reaching importance of breastfeeding." —Dr. Julie Ware, MD, MPH, IBCLC, FAAP, FABM, Certified Lactation Consultant and Attending Physician, Cincinnati Children's Hospital

Author Biography

Dr. John Hutton is a pediatrician, an author, and the owner of the award-winning blue manatee children's bookstore in Cincinnati, Ohio. He is the author of Calm Baby, Gently; Sherm the Germ; Sleep Baby, Safe and Snug; Sleepy Bee; Tito's Inferno; Your Red Shoes; and the award-winning Baby Unplugged series and the founder of the blog Baby Unplugged, whose mission is to help keep children screen-free until age three and promote healthy, developmentally stimulating alternatives. Leah Busch is an artist and cocreator of the award-winning Toast to Baby series. She is also the illustrator of Calm Baby, Gently; the bestselling Sleep Baby, Safe and Snug; and Your Red Shoes. They both live in Cincinnati, Ohio.